Sunday, May 29, 2011


I'm resting now, but I've had an extremely busy morning.  Ben and I cleaned the ENTIRE house the end, I was having some pretty intense round ligament pain.  Luckily, Ben helped so much and I was able to just lay down afterwards.  Now I'm resting in the bedroom watching GLEE reruns on my DVR (yes, sometimes I sing along) and stumbling the web.

I baked some Heath bar cookies today.  Haven't had any (they are for dessert for our company tonight), but Ben said they are good.  I'll take his word.  I made banana nut bread last night (from scratch), and I had a piece heated up with butter today after lunch and IT IS DELICIOUS.  om nom nom.

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Cosmo said...

I want a piece of that banana nut bread, with lots o'butter, please. xxoo