Sunday, May 8, 2011

Party all the time.

Went to a party last night, it was pretty fun.  I forgot that there are actually some fun people in this town.  Like I've said before, Ben and I have been such homebodies...haven't really gotten out and around with people here much.  Meh, I really don't think we've been missing out, but it was nice to get out last night.

I have someone ordering another Hello Kitty painting from me.  I'm sure Megan Haney, who does our anniversary photography, showed my work to the newest customer and she contacted me.  Thanks, Megan!  I love doing stuff for other people, and I think this one is going to be a lot of fun.

Work is work, I'm tired and worn down from it, but I think that comes with the end of the school year.  I'd love to say that the classroom I work in right now is wonderful, but I can't.  I don't think that I'd enjoy working it another year just because of the lack of work from some of the adults.  The kids are the ones who suffer.  I can't do all the work and get paid for less than half of it.  Not going to do it.   Nope.  I just need something to open up at Cameo or Ranchvale...hell, almost ANY school in the district so I can get my OWN classroom again.

I applied to the Masters program at ENMU, so hopefully I can get the ball rolling on that.  Until then, I'll just sit and twiddle my thumbs.

Ben and I went and saw Thor in theaters today.  It was OK, but they had to add in a darn love story.  Hello...sometimes I just want some fighting and action in a comic book movie.  Don't need to add in a love story bit for me.  Nope.  To add to my movie watching experience, I had a kid behind me (had to be at least 11 or so) kicking the crap out of my seat.  I ignored it for about 10 minutes when I finally turned around and gave him a look.  The kicks continued.  2 more looks from me, and finally I just turned around and said, "Please stop kicking my chair."  It stopped for about 30 minutes and then started again.  I asked again.  Loudly, the dad said, "Are you still doing it?  Just switch with your brother."  Yeah, good idea...except that didn't happen and the little shit kept on kicking.  Had I been his mom or dad, I would have been on his case to knock it off.  It's the mindset that parents get into where they think their kids don't do anything wrong...and ruin things for people.
I obviously like children, I'm a school teacher for goodness' sakes.  My problem with kids usually goes directly to the parents.  What is wrong with parents lately?  Are they really afraid to discipline their children?  Do they not know that the kids HAVE to listen and that the parents are in control?  I actually had a mom tell me that she couldn't clean out her three year old son's backpack because he wouldn't let her have it.  I wanted to say, "Ok, lady, watch me.  I take his backpack from him every single day."  Stupid lazy parents.  After the first look, I would have let my kid know that he needed to stop flinging his legs around like he was having a seizure.  After all of it, I would have really gotten onto him.  You're teaching your kids that it's ok to ruin someone's experience at a movie theater.  Good job.

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