Friday, September 9, 2011

Baby name DRAMA

I really thought that I would be able to make it through my pregnancy without ANY baby name drama that so many others seem to face (as seen on STFUParents).  Boy oh boy, was I wrong.

Today, I asked my mom if we were having a family celebration for Christmas, or if it was just going to be the immediate family getting together.  I hoped for the latter, and that's what we're doing!  I did ask why, and Mom said, "I don't want to tell you."
Of course, that made me push for her to tell me.

Right before my mom's birthday, I posted that Ben and I had chosen the name Delilah Jean (which fits us PERFECTLY because it's a unique name AND the middle name is after my mom and my grandma, both of whom I am/was extremely close with.  It's my way of honoring them both).  Well, that weekend, my mom didn't hear from one of my relatives.  When she texted, she got no response.  Finally, she called this relative and asked if everything was OK.
This relative simply responded, "Cindy...the NAME."
My mom had NO idea what this person was talking about.  She just said, "Yeah, Danielle and Ben decided on Delilah Jean!"  (This relative hadn't liked ANY of the names we had picked out before and had no problem saying so.  Whatever)
The relative said, "Cindy, don't you remember that [my daughter] said that she was going to name her next daughter that a few months ago?"
My mom apparently remembered, however, she had never suggested that name or ANY names to me because "it is your's and Ben's baby, you should name her."
My mom said, "[Relative], Ben picked out the name off of a list of Biblical names he was looking at.  He suggested it to Dani."

Of course, that wasn't good enough, and they are somehow blaming my mom for my choice in my daughter's name.

Let's also point out that my relative who supposedly said the name a few months ago has a daughter with the middle name of Jean (because she was very jealous of my relationship with our grandma and got pregnant long before me and before she was married or serious about the person.  She wasn't honoring anyone by choosing that, she just wanted to be first to try and make it seem like she had a very good relationship...pathetic).  She is also NOT PREGNANT RIGHT NOW NOR IS SHE TRYING TO GET PREGNANT.  So the psychopath thinks that she has all claim to this name, even though I highly doubt that she even ever said the name Delilah (it would be like this with ANY name I picked out).
It's just a jealousy thing.
She has always tried to cause problems between me and other members of my family because she plays the victim and has never had what I have.  She has told many many lies about me and caused many family problems because of her insane jealousy.
She already has a daughter with the middle name "Jean".  It's her sick way of pretending that she was close to our Grandma.  She wasn't ever close with her.  She'd visit and want to eat treats that Grandma made, and she'd want Grandma to take her shopping.  She'd never be content like I was to just hang out and do crafts or watch Matlock.  She never took care of her when she got sick, I did...and so did my mom.

So her mother is taking her side.  Of course.  She's always been blinded by her daughter's lies because she's a victim too.  Learned behavior.  It's really pathetic.
She is also blaming my mother for the demise of her marriage (although it really happened because her husband was cheating on her and spending all of their money), even though my mom and dad took her and her youngest daughter in for almost a year I think, and helped them out with EVERYTHING.
What a way to say thank you, right?

I can't really say I'm surprised at the relative's daughter, because this just fits in with all of her past actions.  She  doesn't have anything going for her in life besides her daughter.
No education.
Almost divorced (but living with another man who is also still married and raising his kids too).
Was a swinger with her almost ex husband.
Can't hold a job.
No house.
Has moved her daughter more times than I can count.

I could go on and on, but I'm tired of wasting my time and energy on them.  I'm done.  I deleted them on facebook because I want them to have NO information about my life, or the life of my daughter.  They can both just stay far far away.

Thanks for listening to me rant...

Delilah Jean is here to stay, and she is going to be the most beautiful, most loved, most cherished little girl in the whole wide world!  I can't wait until she's here!

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