Sunday, September 18, 2011

What's been happening:

Oreo cheesecake cookies

Pumpkin roll

Me and Ben at the homecoming game

WHY do they destroy pillows? (good thing that was HIS pillow!)

This week has been a relatively peaceful week.  Worked all week, didn't have time for much else. Definitely more tired lately.  I find myself looking at the clock thinking, "Yeah, I could totally fall asleep right now....", and it'll be 8:30 at night.  Oh well.

Went to the homecoming game here in town with some friends on Friday.  I get in free with my school badge. Kendra and Hank were at the game, and they were filming their reality show 'Kendra'.  I guess his 10 year reunion was on Saturday, so they were just doing Clovis stuff.  I've never met Hank Jr., but his father is a wonderful person who comes and volunteers in the school district to read to the kids.  It's really really nice. He's got a voice that the kids really listen to during the stories.

Saturday, Ben and I spent the day in town and then watched The Wrestler that afternoon.  You know, I really like movies that have somewhat of a happy ending...this one did not.  Still wonderful, but I kept waiting for SOMETHING happy to happen.  That night, we got dinner and then decided to make it a bad movie night.  There were other things going on, some of the girls were getting together for a craft night, and it was another person's birthday..but 7.5 months into my pregnancy, and I'm really tired of being around drunk people.  It's not that I want to drink, it's that drunk people are really really annoying...

Today, I am going to hang out here at the house and get stuff done.  Sounds like a plan.

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