Saturday, December 3, 2011

Still no Delilah!

It must be very comfortable inutero...because she is still being stubborn and not coming out!

Me, Mom, and Ben went to go see The Muppets today.  Not a bad movie, pretty funny in parts.  We were the only people in the theater until about 5 minutes in when everyone started piling in.  Such is the typical Clovis fashion.  It was fine until the kids to our left started crying/whining/yelling/throwing their feet around making their light up shoes flash so bright I thought she had a multi colored flashlight.  I ignored it for a long time, but it comes to a certain point that if your kids are acting up, you remove them from a situation so that the people around you don't have to suffer.  Everyone in the theater paid the same amount, and they shouldn't have to deal with a kid (not their own) whose parents won't do anything to stop bad behavior.  It's very frustrating, especially for someone who is a teacher and has had control over 20 children by herself at once...and had them behave. Delilah isn't here yet, but if I took her to the movie and this was happening, I would take her outside the theater so that everyone else wouldn't have to suffer and miss parts of the movie.  It's distracting and unfair to everyone else.  I think that's a pretty easy solution.
Unfortunately, there are lazy parents...or maybe just parents that are impolite and don't care about those around them...or maybe they just think that their children are actually not acting poorly because they haven't taught them how to act.  Who knows.  In any case, it's annoying, and nothing will change my mind about that. Period.  People who disagree with what I'm saying probably fall into one of the categories above...or maybe they just don't know what to do to control their children in public.  I was most impressed with my friend Colsie.  Her son was 4 and sat through the ENTIRE Beatles LOVE show in Las Vegas.  It was amazing. They are awesome parents...he knows how to behave in public.  The couple times that I've seen him act up, both her and Cooper have taken immediate steps to correct the behavior.  All I ask is that parents simply parent.


We decorated Ben.

Tree topper!

It didn't work out...

Without flash

With flash

Expert tree decorators




Robot Santa and Zombie Nutcracker

On Friday, I called into work because it was supposed to get super icy and snowy in the afternoon.  I didn't want to chance driving in it and having contractions.  We decided to put up Christmas decorations.  Got out our tree and realized that it was pretty much falling apart.  Ben decided that we were going to go out and get a new tree and new ornaments...and get lunch.  Love it when he just does something spontaneous!  We went and had lunch at Cotton Patch, got ornaments at Hobby Lobby, a 1980s stained glass Santa at Goodwill, and then got the last nice tree with white lights at Walmart.  Ben and I were looking at the ball ornaments there and at the same time pointed to the SAME colored set.  We had to get them.  Got Delilah a stocking (no pictures of those yet because Mom and I are doing something crafty with them).  Came home and decorated the house while listening to Christmas music and had my Winter candle lit!  I love walking through our living room now...this is my favorite time of the year!  

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