Monday, December 5, 2011


Got observed today.  Had an ultrasound to check all of her fluids.  Anything over 5 ml is good and means the placenta is still good and providing nutrients to Delilah.  My level was 12!  I also took a non stress test, which consisted of sitting in a very comfy recliner and having a couple bands measure to see if I'm having contractions and Delilah's heartbeat.  Each time she moved, I had to press a little button.  She moved a TON and her heartrate is great.

After thinking about it, Ben and I have decided not to induce.  We want her here, but not bad enough to do something that isn't medically necessary.  It's obvious that she's not ready to come out, and my body isn't ready for her to come out, so she'll stay until it's time.  If there was something wrong, we would definitely consider inducing, but she's safe and sound and just taking her time.  I remember thinking at the very beginning of the pregnancy that she would probably last to the second week of December (based on when I think conception took place), and I think I'm right!

I want a chair like that for my house.

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