Thursday, December 1, 2011

An update on Delilah

40 weeks+1 day

I tried to explain the importance of punctuality to Delilah, but she's late.  She's late, for a very important date!

Saw that dr. yesterday.  Actually, she's my midwife and I adore her.  She's a very friendly person and has made me extremely comfortable...which is hard for someone to do when they must do things like open up your cervix with their hands.  Yeah, that happened.  
Guess what didn't feel too great...that. 

So she's late, and I have to go in on Monday for monitoring.  Gotta check the fluid levels/placenta/everything to make sure she's OK.  If she is, I still have the option for an induction on Wednesday.  What the midwife told me was that if Delilah is OK, I can hold off on the induction, but be monitored more.  If not, I'll have to have one.  I have heard that the placenta doesn't provide as much nutrients after a certain time, but I also have heard about the stress of the contractions with pitocin.  I'm just not sure what I'll do yet.  What I'm really hoping for is that Delilah will decide to come...even in the middle of the ice/snow storm we're gonna get this weekend. 

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