Sunday, November 18, 2012

Some updates in my life

This is the week that Delilah has decided that she's ready to walk.  She has taken a couple steps here and there, but never more than 2.  On Saturday, she decided to just let go of the chair, and take some steps.  I've been helping her practice by bribing her with her organic puffies.  It's working.  

I honestly can't believe it.  Last year at this time, I was getting ready for her to be here...and now she's starting to walk.  

I was shopping in Bath and Body Works the other day, and like always, I was visiting with the employees there.  I always like to chit chat with people, I like being friendly.  While I was checking out, the lady asked me if I was looking for a job.  I told her no, that I stayed at home with my daughter.  Plus, with Ben's work schedule, it would be impossible to even sub except once every 5 days or so... She told me she was looking for someone just for holiday help, and then told me that I'd get a discount there AND Victoria's Secret.  I filled out an application, and told her that I'd want the bare minimum hours, and that I didn't really want/need a job, so I wasn't looking for anything serious.  
I worked my first shift there yesterday.  Basically, it was just me talking to people and helping them.  I ran the register a bit, I just need to practice the coupons more.  It was fun.  I talked to a lot of nice people.  It's weird working, especially since I'm not teaching!  It's nice to know that if I end up not liking it at all, I can just quit...I don't NEED to work.  

I've been spending my freetime working on stuff for Delilah's party.  It's coming up soon!  I've finished the labels for the food/drinks, I've done the centerpieces, and I'm working on the huge project that started the day she was born.  That was is very taxing and has taken a lot of work.  

Thanksgiving is this week, and I'm making the turkey!  I make an amazing turkey, so moist and delicious.  I'd love to share the recipe on here, but I still have some people stalking/lurking on my blog since I've deleted/blocked them on facebook.  It's really weird.  (Yeah, creepers, I still have a tracker on my blog!)
We're having a fun dinner with some friends, and I'm really looking forward to it!

Anyway, I'm going to get ready for bed.  I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the holiday season so far!

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