Thursday, November 1, 2012

San Antonio and other news

Went to San Antonio to watch my brother-in-law graduate BMT!  It was a very fun trip, minus a few little hiccups.  

Ben finally picked cotton!

Waiting for Flig to get his BMT coin

It was FREEZING the day he graduated!

My handsome SSgt

Brought back memories of us from 5 years ago.

Spending some time with Pop Pop


Tuckered out on the way to the Alamo.


On the Riverwalk

Lovin' her Uncle Flig

At the Alamo

Well traveled baby!


The Ward men

These are supposed to be the Twilight people...

And that's supposed to be Michael Jackson.

David is sceptical

Yay, Disney!

Proud Pop.

We all had a lot of fun.  My only regret is that we didn't get to go to Sea World. :(  One of these days, I WILL get to pet a dolphin.  I WILL.  

Halloween was yesterday, and we were gone for all the parties and what not.  We took Delilah out in her costume (not trick-r-treating), and then stayed home and passed out candy.  Next year will be different, because I'll be able to take her out and go out with friends as well.  

Now the Christmas planning begins.  I'm actually excited about spending Christmas with Ben and Delilah this year (because we won't be able to go back to MO).  It'll be nice to start our own traditions.  Mom said that we'll have a celebration when we come back in Jan.  The last few years, we've done Christmas Eve at my parents' house, then gone to Ben's parents' house to stay the night.  We do Christmas morning with them and then go back to my parents' house.  Back and forth!  We each have traditions, and it's only fair to split it.  This year, will be our little year though.  

I've started to get Christmas cards ready (I know, SO EARLY), but it's because we will be SO BUSY during December...moving, Delilah's birthday, etc...If I can get them all addressed and signed, that would make things easier on me.  We typically send out about 140  We've got a lot of people!

I'm gonna go work on the house a bit more.  

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Nesser Jane said...

Starting your own traditions sounds like a wonderful idea!! I bet they will be fantastic :)