Sunday, February 1, 2015

Food and working out.

SUNDAY!  I love Sundays.  It's my day to wake up and relax with my sweet little family before hitting the gym for legs and butt.  Then...I get to go back home to my sweet family. It's pretty wonderful.  
Keeping track of what we are doing in the gym now as well as what we are eating.  Time to get real serious.
This was our workout today. Would have ended with a HIIT 10 minute session, but we were both fatigued, and I was a bit dehydrated.  Solution by Ben, get a nice bottle to take to the gym.  

Delilah and Ben have been spending some time together and it has been quite wonderful for their relationship.  I love it!

Ben is asleep right now, taking a nap before he has to wake up for the Superbowl.  See, as you all enjoy the game at a reasonable hour, us folks in Germany have to wait until 12:30am for kickoff.  Needless to say, I have no stakes in either team, so I will be sleeping through it.  Kinda stinks to not have a Superbowl party like we usually do, but I think living here in Europe is a fair trade most of the time.  

Nothing too exciting going on for me this week.  I am going to REALLY try and dedicate some time cleaning out the craft room downstairs.  It's become a catchall for crap we don't want to go through, and it's a big waste of space right now.  I could move Delilah's kitchen and toys to that room and make the guest room less "kiddish" if I could just get in gear and get it cleaned out.  

Weekly stuff going on:
German grocery store
Food prepping for the week
Baking with Delilah
Review A, B, C, Continue with D-H
Gym 2-3 times
Register pets
Craft room
Painting order

Possibly Star Wars monopoly this weekend!

And now...for the food:

Waffle and strawberries
Greek yogurt with PB2&honey

Quinoa salad (w/Greek yogurt, black beans, and avocado)
Breakfast quesedilla

BBQ chicken thighs (in crockpot) 

Vitamix fruit "ice cream"

That's all I have in me to write right now.  I'm exhausted.  It's been a long, tiring week.

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