Tuesday, May 18, 2010

No posts due to STRESS

The end of the school year is approaching, which means all of the kids at school have lost their brains out of their butts.  There is little more I can cram into their poor little heads...the most I can do is try and keep my sanity for at least part of the day and request that NO SUGARY TREATS BE SENT TO SCHOOL.  If parents do that, I will use my judgment and give it to them right before they go home.  You can deal with one, I don't want to deal with 17 6 year olds hyped up on cupcakes/cookies/brownies/chocolates/whatever the hell else you people send!
I have been thinking so much about Japan and school getting out and getting a summer job that I had been unknowingly clenching my jaw...which led to several days of it not feeling great.  I've been trying to not do it as much, and it is going away.

Ben leaves for Missouri on Thursday.  So bummed I can't go with him.

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