Sunday, May 23, 2010

What I did and why I don't care.

There have recently been some incidents regarding a certain person I work with who hasn't been treating a certain student nicely at all.  The HUGE problem is that this certain student is MR.  After hearing and witnessing SEVERAL incidents, I have been on the lookout for this student and have been watching out for his/her back.  (I'm not being specific to keep the privacy of those involved.)

On Thursday, I had recess duty.  The student was on the fence, and I asked him/her why.  He/she replied, "I got out of line."  I asked how much time he/she was supposed to spend on the fence.  He/she told me, "The whole thing."  To which I replied:

"Go and play.  You do not owe any time today.  If your teacher asks, you may tell him/her that I told you it was OK."

He/she got off the fence with the biggest smile I've ever seen and played to his/her heart's content.

I was waiting for the person I work with to come and talk to me about it, but that person never mentioned a thing to me. 

A student stepping out of line in the hallway does not warrant missing an entire recess on a beautiful sunny day, especially when a student has MR.  Give me a freaking break. 

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