Sunday, May 23, 2010

Things that are on my mind/stressing me out lately:

1. The cost of my vet bill next week. (Getting the animals ready for Japan)
2. Fixing the car window ($400)
3. Trying to get a part time job before I leave.
4. I've been feeling really down on myself lately.

I guess most of it stems from money, except number 4.  Ugh.  I just hate being uncertain about things, and it's really bugging me.  I just wish I knew exactly what would happen so I could be prepared.  I know that's not how life works though, so I'm just gonna have to push through it.  I just need to pray and hope that I can get something part time.
I really wish I could have gone to Missouri this weekend.

I've been cleaning quite a bit today, and I'm taking a break now.  Still haven't showered or anything, but I've:
dusted (and used a wood refinisher on everything)
vacuumed (almost the whole house)
done almost all the laundry in the house
packed 2 boxes for Japan
killed a spider
cooked breakfast

I've been quite productive. 

I also ordered this dress:

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ashley said...

loooove this dress!