Monday, October 25, 2010

Witness the glory that is Ben and I as Ash and Misty.  We were a huge hit at the party!

I'm getting a little frustrated with the daycare, only because I'm sometimes left by myself in the infant room with more than 4 by myself for several hours.  It's hard to get someone to come in and help sometimes.  Plus, we've got one that cries unless he's asleep.  Seriously, we got about 20 minutes of quiet today when he was napping.  The rest of the time, he was SCREAMING.  Not awesome.

I had an interview at Zia Elementary School today.  Hopefully, I made a good impression and she hires me.  I want to be a teacher, not a glorified babysitter.

We are going to Colorado this weekend, and I'm pretty pumped.  We're going with the Searcys
We're gonna do some celebrating on Halloween, and then go and see the sights!  I'm going to take lots of pictures...I've never been to Colorado, and I'm excited to be shown around. 

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