Monday, October 11, 2010

Much needed 4 day weekend


On Friday, Ben and I went to the RT house and had some delicious dinner and conversation.  Was quite a good time!


I cleaned during the day and then TWENTY-ONE of us went out to Amarillo to go to Buffalo Wild Wings and to the 6th Street Massacre Haunted House!  It was super fun!


Ben went to watch the football games with the boys on base, and I cleaned up at the house.  I met up with everyone later on in the afternoon and we had dinner and drinks at the Searcy house.


We had dinner at a new little diner, then Ben and I went to Bath and Body Works because I had THREE coupons to use (buy one get one free, free travel item, and a 20% off item).

I got:

Yeah, I kind of made out like a bandit.

Then, Alexis and Ali came over and we baked up a storm!  We made:
*Pumpkin dip (to be used with ginger snaps)
*Chocolate dipped peanut butter balls
*Pumpkin cookies
*Pumpkin cheesecake
*Pumpkin shaped cake

Next theme of baking is peppermint!

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