Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My problems with Glee and why I'm not watching it anymore:

When I first started watching Glee, it was about a group of diverse kids who were social outcasts for different reasons, yet they all happened to be great singers.
It was a dorky show about show choir.  I was down with that.

The past year, it has done nothing but focus on gay kids, bullying of gay kids, kids coming out of the closet, etc...Last episode, Rachel even called Kurt "her gay".  In EVERY episode, that is one of the main focuses.  It isn't just about bullying, it's about bullying the gay kids.  No more about bullying all around or any other major story line.  Last season it was all about Kurt (who is so stereotypical it makes me want to vomit) and his dealings with being gay and bullied.  Now it's Santana.  I turned it off last night when they were all worried about her because of the recent and very real story of the kid who made a "It Gets Better" who killed himself.

OK, GLEE, WE GET IT.  You could be bullied for being gay.  GREAT.

What about the rest of the kids who get bullied in school?
I'm a teacher, and I see kids get bullied for EVERYTHING.  No one is immune to it.
Instead of coddling kids and creating ridiculous anti-bullying (and money wasting) programs, teachers/parents/kids need to get involved themselves.  Bullies won't ever go program or Lady Gaga is going to stop it.  ADULTS bully one another every day.  You have to learn how to deal with it.

There are really horrible people in this world, and sometimes you just have to deal with them.  Put on your big girl panties and suck it up.  Hell, I was bullied for being so pale, and I'm STILL self conscious about it.  I was bullied in the 7th grade because I didn't have a lot of money.  It actually progressed into the girl CONSTANTLY getting into my face, putting ice cream in my hair, and being a horrible person.  Finally, enough was enough.  I threw her across a lunch table.
Yes, I had enough and took matters into my own hands.
I stopped being a victim and quietly taking it.
She stopped bullying me after that.
Sometimes, you have to stand up for yourself and not expect others to do it for you.  Become a stronger person and take care of your own business.

And again, it isn't just gay kids getting bullied.  That shouldn't be the main "bully agenda issue" that people focus on.  If they're going to waste money on programs like this, they should be teaching kids how to be strong individuals instead of trying to tell people NOT to bully.

Some people are just always going to be anti bullying program isn't going to stop that.

So halfway through, I turned off Glee and cancelled my timer for it on my DVR.  I'm tired of the same story plot.

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