Monday, April 30, 2012


I've been in cleaning/organizing mode at my house lately.  I'm taking ideas from pinterest and trying to turn them into my own to get my house in order.  There's too much clutter that we've let accumulate.  The garage is especially bad.  We've just basically junked it up.  There's stuff in there that should have been trashed long ago.  I feel good getting to it now though.
We're making a big haul to the recycling center this Saturday if Ben can get someone with a pick up to help us. We have:
mini fridge
broken metal chair
2 vacuums

I just got rid of the carpets in there last night.  Garbage pick up is on Thursday, and we'll be junking a lot more. I'd like to be able to clean it out and be able to use it.

Delilah had her 4 month shots today.  (Late-not my fault!)  She weighs 19lbs 11oz.  26 inches long.  My big healthy baby!  Ben had to work, so I had to take her to get her shots.  I put on my brave face, prayed the night before for a sense of calm for her, and bucked up and got it done.  She got 4 shots this time and cried.  As soon as I picked her up, she stopped.  I'm so thankful for my champ of a baby!  I know her legs are sore today, so we've been taking it easy.  Just took a walk, and she's sleeping in her stroller.  Sweet baby.

Only 20 days until we go back to Missouri!  I'm ready for this trip!

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