Saturday, April 21, 2012

Well, after giving it some thought, I've decided to not send my biological father that letter.  I thought long and hard, and I just decided that he wasn't worth send a letter to.  If ever I have the chance to see him in person, I'd tell him those things.  I highly doubt he'd even read it through.


Trying out a new church tomorrow.  Hopefully it'll be more traditional than the one we've gone to the past 2 Sundays.  I miss church and having a church family.  I had such fun at Open Door.  I was involved in Awana and had friends and felt very welcome.

I've been watching Sister Wives and Big Love recently.  This is SO weird.  I don't understand the concept of the multiple marriages...and I don't know where they get the "Biblical" idea that it's right.  So bizarre.

Visiting Daddy in the Tower for the first time!

There is something wrong with you if your heart doesn't melt from looking at this picture.

Also, I have teal nails.  I've been bouncing back and forth between teal and coral.  Wish I had time to do some designs!

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