Tuesday, October 23, 2012


That's my life right now.  We've got so much going on, I have no idea how we get done what we do!  I've been planning Delilah's birthday (because we are flying home to MO for it!), and that's been so much fun.  It's a Beatles themed party!  

I've gotten a few orders recently, and so I've been crafting as well.  I've also made some paintings as part of the decorations for her party.  Here they are:

I'm working on a "Here Comes the Sun" one as well.

My friend Landon designed the invitations and they are AMAZING.  I ordered them tonight.  I wish I could upload them here, but there are a few unsavory people that read my blog, and I don't really want them knowing the details of the party.  I'll post them after the party. 

Things I'm looking forward to:
*Breaking Dawn/raspberry margaritas with Ashley
*A trip home

Good-night, everyone.  

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Nesser Jane said...

I love the paintings! I really like the strawberry one. Looks like its gonna be super cute