Saturday, January 5, 2013

Clovis Walmart

Oh, Clovis Walmart, you never fail to disgust me.

You never seem to have at least a few things I need in stock.  This time, it was eggs.  What the hell?  How do you not have egg?.  You had some 18 packs, but they were thrown around and broken.  The aisles were bare, yet again.  The entire store is completely filthy.  I hope that someday a Target comes in to town and gives you all a run for your money.  You know that you're the "big business" in town and that you carry much of what can't be purchased elsewhere, and you know that you can do whatever you want without repercussions. It's very disappointing.  It's also disappointing that this has been reported by me many many times and from others as well and nothing is done.  Someone from corporate needs to come in and fix this store, because the managers and employees don't care.

Typical shelves.

Good thing I didn't need any make-up today.

The place was packed, that's to be expected.  What sucks is that the customers were filthy, coughing without covering their mouths, and were rude.  Not your fault, just made the trip even less enjoyable.  Every aisle I walked down had boxes in the middle, and the shoppers would block the other pathways.  When I needed to get by, some looked me straight in the eye and just turned around without moving.  Complete lack of courtesy.  It's insane.

Goodness gracious, this town is a mess.  There are some truly wonderful people that live here by choice, but the majority that live here are dirty, entitled, and rude.  (I guess I should say that many of the military wives here are that way too!  haha)

One more month.

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Cindy Friend said...

It is the worst Walmart I've ever seen.