Thursday, January 17, 2013

Playing the waiting game

We have 2 weeks left here.  We're waiting on Ben's orders to come down.  It's a hurry up and wait game with the military.  The house is so close to being packed up.  Most of what is left are things that we use or will use on the daily.  I also need to pick up some bubble wrap for some of our breakables.  My wonderful mom is flying down just so she can ride back with me...otherwise that would be a 12 hour car ride with 2 dogs and a myself!  (Ben is driving a U-Haul).  Holy crow, no thanks.

Nothing much else is going on.  Just getting ready for the move, which isn't easy with an active toddler!  

All my artsy stuff is packed up, so I'm getting quite itchy in the creative sense.  I have so many ideas of new projects...just gotta wait til we're more settled before I can.  

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