Saturday, April 15, 2017

Easter Weekend

On Tuesday, Delilah and I drove out to another village to pick up a stroller (for free!), and stopped at a Netto grocery store on the way home.  I wanted to grab some chocolate bars to send in a box to friends and I needed trash bags.  

Next day, Delilah was feeling a little under the weather, so we stayed home from school and I had her rest on the couch.  

Next day, she was feeling fine, so we ran some errands.  Ended up at the gas station and...I didn't have my debit card!  I had to call Ben to meet me so I could pay and leave.  Checked the bank statement, nothing since the couple days before at Netto.  Searched my car, purse, wallet, at home in pockets, laundry...I was so annoyed.  

Friday was a German holiday, so I didn't get to drive to Netto to see if I left it there, so I had to wait until today.  Delilah had some digestive issues last night/this morning, but no fever.  Made the drive toward Netto, and right before we got there, she woke up from her car nap and promptly threw up (mostly water) on the floor.  Luckily, I have a Honda Element, so there's no carpeting and it's easily cleaned.  Got to the store, she said she felt "way better".  Walked in and they had my card!  The cashier had forgotten to give it to me!

Drove straight back home and put her in jammies and made a "comfy spot" on the couch with some toast, water, and Swan Princess.  She rested all day in hopes of feeling better for Easter festivities tomorrow.  

I have high hopes she'll feel better.

I scrapped making Easter sugar cookies (because it's no fun to make and decorate without my little helper), but I did get the Reese's PB cheesecake done.  I'm making monkey bread in the morning while Delilah dyes eggs...then off to festivities if she feels better.  If not, no biggie.

Hope everyone is having an excellent weekend!

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