Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Made the official social media announcement yesterday.

We are officially 4 months along with TWINS!  

Completely and totally thrilled (and scared) to add TWO new baby Wards to the world.  

Found out right after NYE, kept it very quiet (just Ben) for awhile.  After a scare at 7 weeks, I was even more tight lipped, and I believe the only people that knew were us, my mom, and a couple close friends who noticed I wasn't enjoying the occasional IPA at gatherings.  After several more ultrasounds and 12 week check up, we began to tell more family and friends.  We were holding out making an announcement in hopes that we could tell a couple close friends in person.  Our schedules wouldn't allow it, so we told them, then made it public.  

We've gotten so much love and support, and we are SO thankful for that.  We are also moving back to America this year, and are stationed close to my mom!  So incredibly thankful for that, she is already ready to be a big help, so excited to get us back to America.  

So for now, we are making preparations to move and getting the house in order.  All of our flight information (at least for Delilah and I) is prepared and reserved.  Ben is sending us back early to find a doctor, a car, and get our household goods sent out earlier.  Our first shipment of things leave at the beginning of MAY!  Going to get crackin' on organizing after I finish some custom watercolors that have been requested by someone in the local area.  

Everyone have an excellent day. 

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