Saturday, April 22, 2017

A Military Family Event I didn't want to punch parents at...

So, usually when the military puts on events for families and kids, it turns into kind of a shit show.  There's a certain...air...about military families in which they don't always discipline/control/help their kids learn how to behave at events.  I'm not talking about kids being kids and being excited...but kids hitting/disrupting/destroying things/etc...and the parents doing nothing.  If it isn't that, the parents are trying to rush into the event to make sure their kid gets the most of whatever is going on (hello, dumb Easter egg hunts) and runs/pushes kids over.  

So usually I say, "HARD PASS"

This time, Delilah heard an advertisement on the radio for a USO sponsored kindervolksmarch.  Lots of vendors, a 2 mile hike with the vendors along the way, and a lunch/prizes at the end.  She convinced me that this was definitely something that we needed to do, so while Ben did his long run (training for his 60K this summer), we went and did that.  It was surprisingly fun.  The weather was a bit chilly, so there weren't a TON of people out and everyone was pretty well behaved and polite.  It was nice and refreshing.  

Really appreciate the USO for putting that together for all of us!

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