Friday, June 24, 2011

My friends are here!

YAY!  At around 9:30ish last night, my friends Falco, Vanessa, and Eli came rolling up to our house from Missouri. I love having friends out.  Makes living out here in Clovis more bearable.
No plans for today yet, I might take them on base to show them Ben's work...maybe grab some Burger King for lunch or something.

Last night, I had a dream that I was kidnapped along with my brother (not my real brother) and he was tortured by the kidnapper.  Somehow we escaped and were trapped in Mexico City because the killer had paid the police off.  We were on the run, and the American news and police were there...and somehow Kim Kardashian was involved and offered to give 1 million to the kidnapper to let us go free.  I ended up escaping somehow and was walking through Walmart (although it was more like a mall) while talking on the phone with Mary trying to evade the kidnapper.  After that, I woke up and decided to make myself some coffee.  ha.

I made a couple more journal pages while watching movies.  Ben decided to cancel one of our DISH packages to make our bill cheaper, and then got a really crazy good deal getting Shotime and HBO together. We are paying pretty much the same amount, and now we get to watch all the shows we like, and miss because they're only on those channels.  I've been enjoying movies, and in 2 days, I get to watch True Blood season 4 premier!

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