Monday, June 13, 2011

Sick sick sick

I have a couple journal pages to post, but I'm still behind.  Camp Inventions took it out of me, and then I got super sick yesterday.

Getting sick sucks always, but getting sick when you're pregnant is even worse.  I can take the uncomfortable-ness, but I was just worried that it was going to effect the baby.  I called the dr twice and got some advice.  No cramping or anything.  Just sore, in and out of the bathroom until like 3pm, and puked a couple times.  Blech.  I stayed in bed all day, and Ben went to the store to get me some plain chicken noodle soup and some bananas.  (I read somewhere that they act as an antacid) Got a fever last night and tried to break it by drinking some water and having a cool compress on my head.  It wouldn't go down.  At 10pm, Ben drove down to the gas station and got some extra strength Tylenol for me.  I took 2 and fell asleep.  When I woke again at 1am, my fever was gone, and my back and legs had stopped hurting.  I'm so glad to be feeling better now, Ben took such good care of me yesterday.

I'm resting today.  Getting some laundry done, but taking breaks in between loads.

See ya later.

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