Friday, October 7, 2011

Another baby shower!

Cheesing it.

My coworkers at LJ and Cameo!

My current boss, Cynthia

Had a baby shower at work on Wednesday and was AMAZED at the turnout!  I got some incredibly nice things!  To list a few:
*Homemade blankets
*Boppy pillow with owl cover
*Wooden art with Delilah Jean engraved on it
*Skull onesie/tutu
*TONS of cute clothes
And a ton more...

I feel so blessed that they came together and helped celebrate!

Went to the doctor for my 8 month checkup yesterday.  Had an ultrasound to check growth.  

Look at that healthy heart!  146 beats/min

Sleepy baby

She puts her arm over her eyes when she naps, just like me!
Look at all that hair!  Let's hope it's red!

I can't wait to meet her and hold her and love her.

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