Saturday, October 1, 2011

A few days in my life:

8 months!

Lack of posting=I've been really busy lately.

Work is taking it out of me, but I'm trudging along.  I think I've been more tired lately because Delilah has been growing a lot, in a short amount of time.

Our friends from the other base in NM are out visiting this weekend, and I'm pretty stoked about that.  They're some pretty cool people.  We're going to a bonfire tonight, then hopefully back to our house for a night of The Game of Things!  (I love that game, and if you haven't played it, then you're totally missing out)

Still no apology from the family members who are causing all the problems and drama.  Didn't expect one from crazy cousin, but I'm surprised that my aunt has been able to function day to day without my mom's assistance.  Her family abandoned her when her husband cheated on her, so I don't see them giving her support...she must be getting solace from "dating" her ex (who is still living with the woman he cheated on her with).  Yeah, that's going to end well. Anyway, just surprised that she hasn't had some major crisis that my mom has had to fix for her.  Regardless of how I feel (couldn't care less about either of them), I'm upset for my mom because she was betrayed by her own sister.  Disgusting turn of events, but that's what happened.

Reconnecting with some people out here.  I'm not sure how it will turn out yet, but I'm going to give it a try.

I'm not too excited for Halloween this year.  I'm going to be very pregnant, and that kind of limits my costume ideas.  This year, it was going to be my turn to pick what Ben and I would be (we were Ash and Misty last year), but it seems like I can't really think of anything.  I'm NOT going to paint my belly or dress like a pumpkin.  I'm disappointed because the last time it was my turn to pick (actually, every time), Ben always ends up not going along with it.  Very frustrating.

Until next time!

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