Saturday, October 15, 2011

Last Friday, I spent about 45 minutes huddled up with my pets in my bedroom closet.  There was a tornado that passed by us, but there was a chance for it to hit Clovis!  I was terrified, and Ben was at work.  I grabbed my dogs, their blankets, Margot in her cube, my phone, and the laptop and ran in and took cover.  Wasn't really sure how safe I was, but there aren't any basements in this stupid town.
Anyway, it got called off, and Ben got sent home because his supervisor rules and knew I was terrified.

Hanging in the closet:

This week has been spent trying not to lose my temper at far, so good.  I'll be so glad when I'm done there.  One of the people I work with doesn't do her job, and expects me and another coworker to pick up the slack.  It's easy to be a teacher when you don't actually interact with the kids, right?  Or teach.  Yeah.  And it sucks even more because this person has a teaching job and I don't.  UGH.  

Last night, Ben and I spent the night at the VFW with some of his coworkers, then came back home.  We were playing poggle or peggle on the 360 and watching Delilah slam dance in my stomach.  It was pretty awesome.

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MacAttack said...

I love your animals! How do you think they're going to do with baby, are they cuddly and awesome? (not like my little bad dogs!) hehe