Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I'm exhausted.

I spent all day long at a farm here in town on a field trip with my classes of 3 year olds.  I'm pretty sure I'm sunburnt...maybe just wind burnt. The kids did awesome, and I had Ben with me all day as well as some of his work friends.

To distract the dogs from the fact that we're NOT going for our usual 2 mile walk, I've loaded their hollow bones up with peanut butter.  Otis devoured his, but Rilo is still working on her's.

Speaking of my darling Rilo, she turned 4 on Saturday!  We celebrated with a cake and lots of love.
All 3 patiently waiting for their cake.

I love this dog.
This weekend is the Halloween part with all of our friends.  Let me tell you, it is NOT easy finding a costume being almost 9 months pregnant.  I was definitely not going to paint my belly or dress like a pumpkin.  That is so stupid, and I hate it when people do it.  

I painted a picture for Lynell in exchange for some hair bows she makes.  
For her friend's daughter
She came over yesterday and got some ribbon that I had from Delilah's diaper cake, and then looked at some other outfits that I had to match bows to that too.  Hopefully, all that hair we saw on the ultrasound sticks around and she gets to wear lots of bows!


MacAttack said...

just thought you should know - you're absolutely ADORABLE!!! Pregnancy wears well on you :O) <3

Danielle said...

Thank you!