Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Getting some distance.

I'm getting some distance. 

First of all, I am distancing myself from the small group of people I have mostly associated with since living here. Nothing bad against any of them, but it's time for me to branch out and broaden my friendships with others.  I'm making friends from my breastfeeding group, doggie playdates, and neighbors.  I'm enjoying the new company and enjoying getting out of the very small circle I was in before.  I think I'm going to be happier. 

I had a great night with my friend Mira last Friday.  We ordered sushi, baked oreo peanut butter brownie bites, and watched Hugo (good movie, btw).  We also went for a 2 mile walk with the puppers and Delilah.  We're going to see The Hunger Games this weekend.  I'm pretty stoked.  I loved those books.

Another way I'm getting some distance is by going to Missouri for a month at the end of May.  Ben has a small TDY that he's going on, so instead of being stuck here in Clovis, I'm going to go back home to see family.  I'm really excited to see my friends and family.  I think it will really rejuvenate me and make coming back to Clovis (for however long) more bearable.  

I made curtains for Delilah's room!

For her big window

Up close detail!

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