Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Had to post this

Here is a glaring example of the type of person you encounter where I live.  

Back story:
A girl was asking for help with home remedies for her dog that might have parvo.  She can't afford the vet's price.  Captain C merely said that home remedies don't always work and vets are expensive because of their knowledge and schooling.  It also takes time and money to figure out what is wrong.  This is what someone replied:

This is the same girl who got really aggressive with me about when I sent in pictures to Walmart.  I don't know if she is just an unhappy person or what, but this isn't the first time I've seen her get rude and over the top with someone.  Freaking ridiculous.  Calling someone a c**t?!  Seriously?  And then saying, "That bitch makes so much money....I hate her."  Sounds like jealousy to me.  If it's not, then she should keep it off a thread on a public forum.  That's immature and obnoxious.

Anyway, I had to screenshot it because it was so absurd.

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