Friday, October 19, 2012

I have gotten so much done around here lately!  I've been going through everything and making a pile of stuff to sell at a yard sale.  Just trying to get rid of stuff we don't need.  There's a lot of stuff in this house that we don't need.  
As much as I am ready to leave, it's bittersweet.  I mean, I don't want to live in this town anymore, but it was our first home...where my daughter was born...where we got Otis....where we got Margot.  We've had some fun adventures.  It's just time to move on.  Time for new adventures for the Ward family.  

Last weekend we went out to Alamogordo to visit some friends.  It was amazing to be around people that we are actually friends with.  We had such an wonderful time, and it was sad when we had to leave.  I wish they lived closer to us.  Drinking, BBQing, games...just an easy night.  Makes me miss having Colsie and Cooper.  I miss just being able to hang out and listen to music with some drinks.  Seems like a lot of people that are left and just intent on getting as drunk as possible as quickly as possible.  Oh well.

This week, we bought our tickets to go home to Missouri for Delilah's first birthday.  I'm doing it in a Beatles theme.  At first, Ben was giving me a hard time about how much in depth I was going into, but I think he'll be super impressed when he sees the end result.  He's already happy with the invitations that Landon designed for me.  I gave him a general idea and the text of what to say, and he put it all together for me.  I'd love to post it online, but I'm not sending invitations out to everyone...and I don't want it to be like an open invite.
I painted a picture as part of her decorations:

I'm trying to decide what other paintings to do.  

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Nesser Jane said...

I always imagined going over the top with the 1st birthday if I had kids. I mean its the first in a long line of many, gotta start on the right foot!