Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Why hello again.

SUPER busy here lately. 

I've been doing all sorts of crafts, selling stuff on Etsy, hanging out with my little lovie, and of course, Ben!  I've been going through the house, organizing and de-cluttering everything in preparation for our big move.  I know it's just October, but we're going to have to have the house packed up come January.  It's going to really sneak up on us.  I can't believe our time in New Mexico is coming to a close.  I'm sure I'll have a lot to say once we leave, but for now, I'm just going to try to get my thoughts about it all in order.

I'm really proud of my mom.  Today, she shared with me that she has forgiven (not forgotten) my aunt for the things that she did.  I know that it won't stop hurting anytime soon, especially because of everything my mom did for her and her family, but I know it must have been a huge weight off her chest to forgive.  As for me, I'd love to see my aunt when I move back.  I will feel better once I can tell her what I think of what happened. 

Picture updates!
Silly family out to eat.

My camera ham daughter...realizing she's getting her picture taken and going from crying to smiling in 4 shots.

This man loves his cat.

My first Etsy sale, a series of paintings I'm doing called, "Home is Where Your Heart is."

Big girl, transitioning into her own bed!

This guy loves tug-o-war.

And again, just like to say hello to the people who read, but don't say hi. :)

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ashley said...

I am going to buy one of those! SO CUTE.