Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Moving to America is exciting and stressful!

I think the title pretty much sums up how I'm feeling.  Next week, our first shipment of goods will be packed up and leave our home here to get to America.  Most of what I'm sending is baby things, some of Delilah's toys, and some necessities we'll need right away.  Since we are staying with my mom for a good portion of it, we won't need a whole lot, so that's nice. 

We have our companies set up to pick/pack up our goods, and I'm just hoping and praying that we make it through without any damages.  We have acquired some irreplaceable things along our travels throughout Europe, and I would be devastated if something broke.  

Ben's birthday is this Friday.  His presents have already arrived, and Delilah and I have a very specific cake in mind to make him.  We are going out to dinner with friends that night as well.  Very low key and personable.  The next day is the baby shower that some girls are throwing for me out here, which is just totally sweet.  

Getting the car checked out today to make sure the balance is right on it.  I want no problems on our drive to Paris at the end of the month.  Speaking of that, I ordered Delilah her Aurora mouse ears.  She still has no idea we are doing Disneyland Paris, and I don't plan on telling her until we are parked and walking up to the entrance.  I'm so excited!!!

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