Tuesday, December 14, 2010

2 days down, 3 to go...

Work was lame today.
I'm tired of babies. 

What's on the menu tonight?  Parmesan breaded tilapia, cheesy brocoli, and yellow rice. YUM!  Gosh, I'm such a good cook!  Yesterday we had chicken creole served over rice.  Quite tasty and very healthy.

I have so much to do before we leave including a painting for a friend that is leaving this weekend.  It's going to be weird not having them around....he's deploying and she and the baby are going back to their hometown while he's away.  We're having a going away party for them this weekend (I'm making pumpkin cookies!) and then Saturday night is the Christmas party!  I'm pretty excited about it.  Bought that pretty dress from Forever21 (only $23!) and we got Ben a shirt and tie over the weekend. 
Lynell and I are getting our nails done on Friday afternoon before the festivities. 

I'm sure everyone knows what is going on on Sunday...HOME TO MISSOURI!!!

We've got a house sitter, so everything is in order.  (I just gotta make it through the next few days.)

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