Monday, December 6, 2010

A new painting and a semi-day off

A Christmas present for my friend Brandie

This was her present to me-A wine bottle bag with wine glass coasters.

Sent home from work early.  Can't say I was disappointed.  I got 2 hours of work, got to go grocery shopping, and then got to spend the day lounging with Ben.  Definitely a day well spent.  Played some Fable III and watched Californication.

We gave Margot some cat nip today on this piece of material that she really likes.

This is Margot, she is high.

Only 12 days til we go back to MO (not counting today).  Deep breath, I can do this.  

Working on some new sketches, but I can't be rushed.

Not a whole lot to say tonight.  I guess I'll go watch some TV as I drift off to sleep.  TV before bed keeps the "What ifs" at bay.  Hate those things!  Pesky little gnats that swarm around my brain and make me worry about things that don't need to be worried about.  
I'm lucky to have Ben.  When I go off and picture the worst case scenario (because I have to prepare myself, ok?), he keeps me grounded and level headed.  Most of the time, I can come back down to Earth and not panic.  It's a good fit, he and I.  A good fit, indeed.

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