Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

I'm seriously going to try and keep these. 

1. Continue to move forward in my quest in eating healthier.  No, not to lose weight/go to the gym, but to continue to eat a balanced diet of food that is actually good for me.
2. Try and not get as annoyed with people in Clovis having the same conversations over and over and over again.  (I wonder if they even know they do it...and if they do know, are they aware that I get up and leave or space out while they are doing it?)
3. Take a painting class.
4. Take more time for me.
5. Go on more weekend vacations with Ben.

I think these are absolutely easy to stick with (maybe number 2 would be the only exception...), and so I think that I should be pretty successful in my endeavor. 

I saw Black Swan last night with Ben, Flig, Annie, and Mary.  I thought it was a very trippy movie, a little hard to focus on at first because of the close up shots that weren't sturdy.  After awhile, it seemed like it got better or my eyes got used to it.  Natalie Portman destroyed her body for this movie, looking skinnier than I've ever seen her look before, and she's a really petite girl.  Her bones poked her skin out and made her look sickly.  I was totally believing that she was this frigid ballerina who could barely raise her voice above a whisper and couldn't look anyone in the eyes. 
Her descent into madness was done beautifully and was extraordinarily creepy in certain parts, namely the paintings beginning to talk. 
A brilliant performance, a stellar cast.  Definitely needs to be seen.

Next on my list to see:
The Fighter
True Grit
Blue Valentine

Tonight, Ben and I have a dinner with his aunt and uncle and probably the cousins as well.  Our friend Landon is also coming into town from Denton, TX with is lovely girlfriend and they both will be spending New Year's Eve with us.  Huzzah!

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