Thursday, December 9, 2010

Watching Californication

Had a really nice dinner date with my friend Elsa.  She's probably one of the easiest people to hang out with.  Very fun and chill.  We had dinner at Jaliscos and then drove around looking at actual nice houses in Clovis. (I know, people, it's a shock.)  
We actually saw a mansion.  Picture a culdesac...that house WAS the culdesac.  It was brick and stone, had one of those balcony things on the 2nd story (where I would put a lounger and would sit and drink coffee and read), GIANT windows, columns, was just beautiful. 
Anyway, driving around and not doing anything in particular was just what I needed after a busy day yesterday.  

Today was a relatively easy day.  I'm trying to staying positive about Clovis, but around this time (like right before I go home to MO) I get really negative about it.  Just getting homesick I suppose.  The neighborhoods look trashier, the junkyard yards look more diseased, the people in town are more unfriendly, and people that irritate get under my skin even more!  I'm laughing about it now, but I really see these things!  I'll just continue to let things brush off my shoulders because I know it's just because I'm about to go back to see everyone!

I've got a White Elephant party to go to on Saturday.  Was going to be at my house, moved now (which is nice, because now I don't have to be the host and get my house party ready) to the Bantau house.  I've already got my present.  Hopefully everyone brings cool stuff.  
A night of wine, friends, and finger food sounds good, right?

I've started to use myfitnesspal application on my phone.  I'm watching my calorie/fat intake.  Not so much to lose weight (because I'm at a really healthy weight), but I want to eat much healthier.  With my heart, I don't want to take many chances.  I'm finding that I eat pretty healthy as is, but it'll be nice to have a reminder handy.  

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