Friday, December 10, 2010

Whoa! I've lost 7lbs!

So last night, Ben calls me.  I had just gotten done logging my calories/exercise for the day (keep in mind: I'm not trying to lose weight...I have a heart condition and it's time I started being conscious about what I'm putting in my body.) and I had just weighed myself for the weekly weigh in...and I thought the scale was broken.  I had weighed 5lbs more at the doctor's just 2 weeks ago.  I've never tried to lose weight before, so I didn't think it comes off that fast.  I told Ben we needed to get a new scale because our's was wrong.  He told me he had just weighed himself and it was correct.
Guess the 2mile walks with the pups have been paying off!

come on, who wouldn't want to make these cuties happy by taking them on a walk?
Anyway, go me!

Today was a super easy day at work!  I got to work on the backdrop for pictures with Santa for the majority of the morning and then when it was time for me to go back in the room, we only had 3 and it was naptime.  I put them all to sleep and then I'm pretty sure I drifted off a bit.  It was so peaceful, quiet, and warm.  There's a certain air a place gets when babies are all taken care of and sleeping soundly.  I couldn't help it!  Left at 3 and grabbed Quiznos (my sandwich had less calories in it than a value burger/fries from Wendy's!) and went home to watch Californication. 

I've missed Ben quite a bit this week.  He's working the night shift, so we really only have a couple hours together before he goes to work.  I've put off going to the store all week because I want to get home quickly to see him.  Our only interaction is that couple hours he has with me before work and when I stir when he gets in from work and kisses me goodnight.  (I sure do love him bunches)

Ok, enough mush.  I'm going to go sing Christmas carols while I clean.

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