Saturday, December 4, 2010

15 days, I think I can I think I can

15 days til we head home for Christmas.  It's always so nice and comes at just the right moment where Ben and I think we can't take much more of Clovis.  We stay positive about this place most of the time, but about every 6 months, we get so incredibly sick of it and need to get out!

I had 2 interviews this week.  One I would really like to have and one, not so much.  The one I would like is a 6th grade position.  I interviewed with the principal and 2 other teachers.  Hopefully, I made a good impression and my personality suited them.  I have to be myself in interviews, because I don't want to pretend to be something, and then have to act like someone else just to "fit in".  I am who I am and if people don't like me, then that's ok.  I know I'm awesome.  The other job is a 2 year old teaching position at an early childhood center.  I don't really want that job because I feel like it would be more like a glorified baby sitter at that age. I thought it was for a 4 year old classroom, so I was surprised when I went in.  eh. 
Not sure if I'll get either because the school district is in the hole from budget cuts and wasteful spending. 

I wish I was back at Cameo!  One of the principals told me that she was at a meeting with Tony (my principal from Cameo), and he told her how great a teacher I am and that he really wished I was back at the school.  If a position opened up there, I know I'd get a job.  I feel really thankful that my first REAL teaching job was at a school filled with people that I really got along with and took me under their wings. 

I have been working on SEVERAL paintings lately, none that I can post on here yet because they are presents for people.  I'm especially proud of one and hope the person who receives it is as thrilled with it as I am.

Things I need to do today:
1. Buy Eclipse on DVD
2. Vacuum
3. Dust
4. Mop
5. Clean bathroom
6. Clean room
7. Take a shower
8. Start another painting
9. Finish shopping for people

I think that's all.  I can do this.  In order to do those things though, I need to get my butt off the internet and get busy.

Happy Saturday!

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