Saturday, July 2, 2011

What a darn good day.

Yesterday, out of frustration, I exclaimed that I needed some new clothes because Baby Ward is all the way down in between my hips.  I can't button any of my summer skirts.  Everything fits, I just can't button them.  The BeBand is ok, but it's kind of hard to hide with some shirts.  I needed to go and get some simple maternity stuff.

So off to Amarillo we go!
Now, because I only needed to go to 2 places (motherhood maternity and victoria's secret), Ben was happy.  I know he hates shopping, but he realizes that I was getting a little tired of recycling the same skirt over and over again.  So anyway, he finds some bras on sale (because pregnancy apparently makes you have to up your cup size), and they are SUPER comfortable.  Good job to him.  Then we go to Motherhood, and I find 2 shirts (on sale), a skirt, a pair of shorts, and a pin stripe skirt for when I go to work in the fall.  Not a bad little haul.  I'm sure I'll have to get a pair of jeans, but those can wait for now.  As of this moment, I'm a happy little camper because I'm going to have comfortable clothes!

Then, Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch!  MMMMM.

Right now, I'm relaxing at home (after doing a small amount of tidying), and Ben is on base getting some snacks (apples and strawberries with some fruit dip!) for me and some stuff for him too.  We're going to have a movie night in.  Tomorrow, we're going to a BBQ with some of his coworkers.  Love the people who are throwing it, they are really nice people.  Hopefully, there will be no drama...

Anyway, I'm off to stumble around the internet.  More journal pages coming later on...I'm a slow poke.

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