Monday, July 11, 2011

This is me, today.  5 months tomorrow!
I had a hard time falling asleep last night.  The baby was up and moving around and it was so awesome feeling it.  A couple times she punched/kicked/head butted me really hard, and one of those times, I had my hand on my belly and I felt it inside and out!

Phew.  I've been so busy today getting ready for our trip and what not.  So far, I have:

1. Talked to Mom about the shower.
2. Talked to Mary about the shower.
3. Confirmed my attendance at a showing of HP7 in MO.
4. Paid bills that are not automatically debited. 
5. Emailed the person in charge of the graduate school at ENMU.
6. Done 3 loads of laundry.
7. Ate lunch.
8. Cleaned the kitchen.
9. Wrote a note to the person watching our house.
10. Had an interview for a position at a school.
11. Continued the list of things to NOT forget to bring.
12. Let our friend's dogs out while they are not in town.

And I still have stuff to do:
1. Give dogs baths.
2. Vacuum house.
3. Dust house.
4. Mop house.
5. Clean bathroom.
6. Finish laundry.
7. Pack.

See?  What did I tell you?  I'm a busy girl!

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