Friday, November 18, 2011

My friend is such an awesome photographer!  
These are just a few previews of the maternity pictures she took...aren't they AMAZING?! 
She posts a lot of her work on her blog:

These are a few things you shouldn't say to someone who is pregnant:
"When are you going to pop?"
I'm not a damn balloon, so I'm never going to pop.  I am, however, going to give birth soon.
"Are you scared?"
Would it matter if I was?  Labor/Delivery is going to happen anyway...and if I was scared, would I want to share it with every random person?
"You're crazy to not want drugs!"
Why?  Because I think that women have been giving birth for a VERY LONG TIME and are capable of bringing a baby into the world without subjecting it to all the risks of drugs just so I'm more comfortable?  I'm not going to outright deny that I will end up getting an epidural, but it's definitely not what I want.
"You're big!" (Or any other statement like that)
Obviously having a baby=gaining weight and having your torso swell.  Hello, I've got a person growing inside of me...I'm obviously going to look different.  I have felt great throughout my entire pregnancy and have taken measures to make sure that I'm eating right.  I'm not unhealthy, and statements like that imply that people think that I am.
"Aren't you ready?"
Yes, I'm actually really excited to meet my daughter.  Why wouldn't I be?  Am I ready?  That's a dumb question.
"Oh, it's just your hormones."
Guess what...I've been relatively calm and happy thoughout my entire pregnancy, but telling me something like that makes me want to physically hurt someone. It isn't just hormones.  I'm actually under a bit of stress right now being: pregnant, about to quit work, Christmas is coming up, bills, working with an idiot, etc...So no, it's not just hormones.  It's life, and I'm allowed to get frustrated with things.

In happier news, I wrapped some more presents and they look all fancy with the houndstooth print and red bows.  I love it!  I can't wait to get my Christmas decorations out up!  Christmas is the best time of the year!

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