Sunday, November 20, 2011

Adventuring in New Mexico, surprise baby shower, AND Breaking Dawn

Yesterday, there was a planned power outage in our neighborhood, so Ben and I decided to go off exploring.  We drove West into New Mexico and stopped to take pictures of the interesting things we saw.  Ben really has an eye for detail.
Here are some of my favorites:

It was a REALLY good day.  I love spending time with him.
I took some pictures of stuff we found too, just with my iphone:
This stuff is AMAZING

Our favorite place was an old abandoned church.
Last night I got together with some ladies here in town to go eat at an Italian restaurant and go see Breaking Dawn.  Little did I know that it was actually a surprise baby shower for me!
When I walked in and saw the baby plates and napkins, I actually thought, "Awww, who is having a baby?"  (Um, duh, me...9 months and almost 3 weeks....)
I got some really cute gifts and the thoughtfulness really made me tear up!



D for Delilah

All in all, a very successful day/evening.

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