Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My mom is in town!

Mom made it in town on Tuesday afternoon!
She got to go see my classroom and kids, meet some of my coworkers, and see where I work.  It was pretty awesome! She headed back to the house to take her stuff in and see the pups.  She got settled in and got to rest before Ben and I got home.

Ben and I had my 39 week check up that day...not dilated yet.  I was a bit disappointed, but I guess Delilah just isn't ready to make her appearance yet.

Mom and I took all the dogs for a walk...Otis, Rilo, AND Karma!  They walked together in a pack and did really well.  I'll get a picture on the next one we go on.  No walk today, Mom and I were out all day, and were so tired!
We went:
to the tower and got a tour from Ben.
to the rapconn and got a tour from Joe and Daun.
to the BX/Commissary and got coffee and a bagel and then shopped.
to Hobby Lobby to get some ribbon and felt.
to the mall to make a return and shop around.
(at the mall, we were in Dillards and saw three kids being herded back to the customer service area.  Apparently, their mom was missing.  The kids had walked away while their mom was in the fitting room...leaving them unattended outside...and they couldn't find her.  They had actually tried going outside the store to check the car!  They said she was wearing a green shirt, so mom and I looked in the store...which isn't very big...for a woman in a green shirt.  No such luck.  She wasn't in the fitting rooms either.  I think the mom just left her kids there!  Mom and I talked and we would have been screaming for the mall to be locked down until we found our kids...and no one even knew it was happening.  So sad.)
to Lowes to get L brackets for the shelves I made earlier this week:
I also made the bows!
to Walmart to get a few last minute things.

Then we went home.  We ran around a LOT today, and had a BLAST.  

Made deviled eggs and green fluff for Thanksgiving tomorrow.  First year in 3 that I'm not making a turkey, which kind of makes me sad (because I make the BEST turkey), but I don't want to be in charge of the main dish and then go into labor.  That wouldn't be good.  

I made salmon for dinner, and then Mom and I just sat at my bar and crafted all night.  I made 2 bows for which I'll use, the other was just a first time trial.  Here's the bow I'm going to use:
It's for her Christmas outfit!  

All in all, it's been a pretty slamtastic day.  

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