Sunday, November 27, 2011

Why is it so important for some people to announce that they are spending money, or announcing how MUCH they've spent?  It's really classless and off-putting, and it doesn't make anyone envy them.  Do they see that, or is the need to try and impress people so great that they are blinded by what they're saying?  I'm always more impressed when people (myself included) find great deals and get things for cheaper than the normal price.  I love sales and coupons!

Moving on....

Still having a great time with my mom being here!  We've been crafting, visiting, and just having a good time.  She's making some little softies for Delilah, an elephant and a Christmas giraffe.  They are ADORABLE.  She's also got some booties made and all they need are the laces.  Pretty freaking adorable.  I love handmade stuff so much!

I've also been making more bows, no pictures right now though.  I did finish a canvas for her room though:

I've got an owl one in the works too.

Going back to work tomorrow, not looking forward to all the comments:
"OH!  You didn't have the baby!" and comments similar to that....

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