Monday, May 15, 2017

Successful weekend

Ben had a wonderful trip in Norway, and we had an excellent weekend here in Germany.  

Saturday: YARDSALE.

Ok, not that exciting, especially because we didn't sell very much. Everyone wants to do it online now, so I guess that's just what I'll do.  I did have a blast playing miniature corn hole/bocci ball with friends, ended the day with a sushi dinner (and Delilah trying to steal my rolls after finishing her own!).  Got home and read Delilah to sleep-The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe.  

Sunday: Day started out rough. 

Lots of not listening/repeating all morning, and I started to feel really sorry for myself (IT'S MOTHER'S DAY), and then I decided to put on a better attitude and we made the day excellent.  Headed out to Potzberg and had an amazing time. Delilah got to be part of the bird show, and an American Bald Eagle landed RIGHT NEXT TO ME.  Got to see a baby goat that had JUST been born.  
On the way home, we spotted the Eis man and grabbed ice cream cones for the car ride home.  Made shrimp and rice, YUM.
While relaxing before bed, Delilah got to feel her baby brother kicking around!  First time...on Mother's Day! 
I'm so glad I made that conscious decision to change my attitude.  

Monday (today): Normal day

The sun is shining here in Germany, and it's just a beautiful day.  I got all my errands done while Delilah was in school, and chores done once we got home.  Took a nice walk/bike ride on a local path with her and Rilo and just soaked up that vitamin D and happiness.  
We pick Ben up from the train station TONIGHT!

Everyone have an excellent Monday. 

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