Saturday, May 6, 2017

A few thoughts on this Saturday morning:

* Germany has been flip flopping weather like CRAZY, and that's resulted in both Delilah and I having TERRIBLE allergies.  Seriously, we are both just feeling so gross.  I can't wait for this to subside and for us to feel back to normal.  Ben manages to escape each year, and I'm glad but I also envy him for it!

* Ben's birthday yesterday, and I'd call it a total success.  Woke up and gave him his gifts (Neil Young: Rust Never Sleeps album, Fleetwood Mac: Rumors album, and a great pair of running shorts).  Went to Delilah's spring program where she looked like a little angel, and then had a great dinner with great people at our favorite beer garden.  Back to our place for some craft beers and more friends.  Excellent night, and he deserves it.  Now he's out at the flea market finding treasures for us. 

*Healthcare bill: if you support it, I have to assume that either you haven't read it, or you just hate women/children/the poor/the elderly/people with special needs/victims.  

* I have a baby shower today, thrown by some incredibly sweet ladies.  I'm excited, and thankful that I have people take time/energy out for me and my little family.  

I hope everyone is having a successful weekend. 

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