Wednesday, January 19, 2011


There has been a lot of negativity floating around in the air lately, and I think it's time to put a stop to all of it.  I'm letting go of my anger and resentment and moving forward.  I won't forget about past wrongs, but it isn't healthy for me to hang on to things like this.  It's hurtful, but I've learned from situations that have arisen.

This world is a beautiful place.  Time to start remembering that.

I've decided to put all my excess energy (what energy??!) into some new crafts.  My first one is a new painting involving a different medium.  I'm going to use scrapbook paper for parts of it and use Modge Podge to add some texture.  I'm hesitant to start because I really want it to work out.  I've also got a painting idea in my head for Grandpa Ward, but I haven't started that yet either.  I guess I need to get them out of my head and onto some canvas, right?

Saw True Grit with Ben.  It made me cry at the end.  I can't really explain very well WHY it made me cry, because the ending wasn't sad.  I just will feel so strongly for a movie that I won't be able to let it go for awhile.  Same thing happened with Inception.  I couldn't shake my sadness at that movie.  Schindler's List....felt sad for DAYS.  I just have a hard time with movies like that, but True Grit was different.  Everything was wrapped up, but something just stuck with me.

Anyway, life is beautiful.

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